I was on a mission to find some new or super amazing looking wallpapers for everyone to see and have when I came across DecalSkin. They might be old news to some of you, but they are certainly new to us. We have seen SkinIt in the past and DecalSkin seems to be along the same lines. They offer an enormous collection of pre designed decals that you place on your device. They cover the front and rear of your device.

The decals are ultra thin and they say near weightless. Each decal is printed on UV-resistant material that helps protect your device from surface scratches. They are bubble-free to apply and release from your device easily. Where they take it up a small notch, is they offer a free matching wallpaper for DecalSkin you purchase. As you can see in a few images below, it really gives your device the complete look.

Decalskin Decalskin Galaxy S III 2
The list of devices that you can get a decal for is huge. Covering pretty much any device that is out there. Including eReaders, tablets, gaming devices, laptops and more.  Equally as huge is the various collections to choose from. You can browse by artist, color scheme, device or collection. I could spend hours in here looking through them and not seem them all. DecalSkin is worth a look if you want to give your device just that little extra special customization.

As far as prices are concerned, All the Galaxy S III skins I looked at were on sale for $8.99 each. So where the skins for the Samsung Galaxy Note II and HTC One X. Where as the Asus EEE Pad Transformer TF 101 was $14.99. We image the prices are pretty similar across the boards with phones being $9 each and tablets being $15.

Feel free to head over to DecalSkin.com and take a little time to look around. You might find one that you just can’t NOT have on your device. Heck, grab matching ones for your phone, tablet, laptop and XBox.