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I remember back to all the excitement that was stirred when Google was putting the Chromebook CR-48’s into the hands of people across the nation. It strictly ran Chrome OS and was pretty nice for what it was at the time. They have since been created by Samsung, Acer and now HP. What about one that is built by Google? Even a full on Nexus style Chromebook. Where they have a manufacturer build it to Google’s specs, toss it in the Play Store and watch all of us kill each other over it? That is the Chromebook I have been waiting for. Now it would seem a leaked video might be showing us the direction Google is, will be or might take.

Meet the Google Pixel. a 2560 x 1700 4 million pixel touchscreen Chromebook. Developer Francois Beaufort, the same guy we have used in previous posts about the new Notification Center in Chrome, is calling it the Google Link. As with any leak of any type, the name is subject to change and most likely has several code names.

The video clip that hit Google+ was quickly removed from YouTube. The clip suggested that a company named was behind the it. The CEO,Victor Koch, said they were attached by hackers and that a number of videos that they were working on were hi-jacked and made available. This could be truth, it could be lies. It could be a marketing stunt by and Google. Possibly tossing out something that seems to only be fiction as far as the market is concerned right now, and just the coverage and conversations surrounding it. We know this will be a big topic today and we are sure Google is watching closely.


New ChromeBook – Next Generation Concept… by androidauthority

The tag line in the video, “Designed by Google. Down to the last pixel.” Sure does get a person’s heart racing. It certainly wouldn’t surprise us if Google has a few dozen models of the Pixel sitting around somewhere. That doesn’t mean we will see it announced or launched this year. Look at Google Glass. Absolutely outstanding, still far from being publicly sold. I do think Google needs to keep moving forward though. They have a phone and a tablet, now they need a Chromebook. It will be interesting to see what happens and emerges going forward. Who knows, maybe Google will show off a working prototype at Google I/O. Wouldn’t that just make for one heck of a show this year?

What are your guys thoughts on the Chromebook Pixel?

Source: Android Authority

  • FILA

    Be nice, but Google really needs to boost specs on these chromebooks before people buy. Terrible battery life and processor speeds. Build quality on some. Thou I now its a budget laptop, processor and battery is a huge fail. If google did this, with a resolution like this, specs for now and a little future, this thing will cost a good amount