No Galaxy S IV renders today my friends. Today, we get pictures. Yes pictures. Pictures taken from the very phone we want to see. What does that mean? We do not get to see the phone whatsoever. Instead we get to see what the phone sees. You know you are excited.

Today posted some pictures that were supposedly taken by two Galaxy S IV variants and the images were posted on G+.  The two variants are apparently from AT&T and a Korean Carrier. EXIF data reveals that all pictures are taken at the highest resolutions, and in one of the images we see a Samsung-like calendar displaying the date February 2nd. What does it mean?!?! It means someone took a picture of a calendar over the weekend. That is it. We are getting closer to seeing the Galaxy S IV in action, and I know a lot of people out there are getting antsy about it. That is why we post this little random articles that reveal really nothing about the phone. Let us know what you guys think.

Source: SamMobile