In the tech world, we rang in the New Year by hearing that Ubuntu was coming to a mobile platform. It was exciting. The buzz was pretty crazy. The demo video made the OS look pretty spiffy on a mobile phone. After the excitement plateaued, we then asked the question of; when will we see this monsters? They told us the end of this year, most likely first quarter of next year. A whole year?!?! How can we wait that long?

According to the Wall Street Journal, founder and CEO of Canonical Mark Shuttleworth, said that Ubuntu phones will be available in October. Well there you go. Nine months is better than a year. If someone just got pregnant, well then by the time their bundle of joy sees the light, you just might have an Ubuntu phone in your hand. It would be pretty sad if someone actually named their child Ubuntu in light of the release. I would not put it passed anyone these days since baby names are getting more extreme. Shuttleworth also enlightened us by saying app developers will have at their OS next month. Hopefully a lot of the more popular apps will be ready for some Ubunutu integration when the phones are ready for release. Let us know what you think.

Source: CNET