Notifications. It is probably the number one feature developers look at when designing anything on a mobile platform. When we are on the go, receiving our notifications on all our many different apps and social media feeds is just what makes us happy. You feel important when a ringtone goes off. When it comes to Android, notifications were always a step ahead from the rest. That is until Apple upped their game with the iPhone and ripped off some features from Android, but also added notifications to be shown on their lockscreen. Time we fire back.

LockerPro is a somewhat new app that is from the developers at Productigeeky. They are actually known for their notifications apps. They have about 4 others That give you your notifications in a different way, but I think LockerPro will take the cake here. Once you first install LockerPro, you will of course have to go into your accessibility settings to activate the service. They make it easy to do so with a direct link to those settings in the app settings itself. You then get to pick which ever apps you want notifications from, which it gives you the option with all your apps. If it is able to show up in your status bar, it will show up on your lockscreen. Once you receive a notification on your lockscreen, you can either swipe to the left which will get rid of it, or you can swipe to the right and it will open up that app. When it is a text message, a quick reply window will show up for you to easily respond without unlocking your device.

You will then be able to customize your lockscreen. From features like having your favorite widget displayed on your panel, to having your favorite app shortcuts shown on the panel. What is awesome though is you can have all three. Clock, weather, and short cuts by swiping left or right. Then you can decide if you want an iPhone style or Jelly Bean style. Anyone out there that chooses  iPhone should just hand in that Android phone you are using. After making those decisions you can change the wallpaper and head to the next settings menu.

Next is notification settings. This is where you can have the device wake up when a notification is received. You can also choose whether you want an icon to show, or the person’s contact picture. You can also choose to hide the icons if that fits you. Vibration and sound settings add to this. You can have a custom ringtone for all your notifications, but it might interfere with your actual notification ringtone. So you are going to either not use that feature, or just turn off all notification ringtones.

Another key feature about LockerPro is the fact that it will show notification banners while your device is unlocked. At the top of the screen the banner will peak in showing you the icon and message that is received. I really like this option because I got rid of my status bar on my phone. If you touch the banner before it goes away, it will direct you right to whatever message is displayed.

Overall, I think this is a great app. It is a new way to get your notifications in a clean and simple way. There are two versions of this app. A lite version and a paid version that will run you $3.72. I went for the pro version simply because I love this app. Check out my quick run-through video below and try it out. Let us know what you think.

Application: LockerPro Lite
Developer: Productigeeky
Cost: FREE

Application: LockerPro
Developer: Productigeeky
Cost: 3.72