Android 4.2.2 now shows ‘Time Left’ for Google Play downloads in Notification Area


Time Left Google Play Store Downloads
The mad dash to figure out what is new in Android 4.2.2 is on. We do know that the Bluetooth bug faced by millions is apparently resolved. Another new addition is the apparent time left on a download based on your connection speed. As you can see in the screenshot that was sent into Droid-Life, it clearly shows 4 minutes left on the additional files download for SHADOWGUN: Deadzone. The Play Store is still registering as version 3.10.10, which is the newest one from back in December.

I checked this addition out on my Galaxy S III running stock software, Android 4.1.1, and I am not seeing the time left information. As you can see in my screenshot below. Yes, I went in and installed the same game even to make sure.

Google Play Store Download Progress
Looks like something new and cool to us. Anyone else out there finding anything cool in Android 4.2.2 that they would like to share? Let us know, send us an email, shoot us a screenshot.

Source: Droid-Life

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