HTC has been sending out little tweets all week-long that don’t always make much sense. That is sort of the point though. Offering up little tid-bits that get the gears turning and keeping their name in the news. A tweet that went out this morning seems to be pointing towards the possibility that the upcoming HTC One that we are waiting to hear about on Tuesday, could have additional DSLR lens add-ons.

They put a tweet out yesterday that showed the image you see below. It has a heck of a lot going on in it, but you can see a few things that are a bit interesting.

HTC One Lens iris
For starters you see what is most likely the HTC One in a white finish in the bottom right of the iris. You also see the date, 2-19-13 around the eye. It is a cool image. People are attributing it to a Retina display for the device. Entirely possible. Below is the image that they tweeted out this morning. Again, the date is listed around the edge of the lens. It is a Canon lens, even though the branding is blurred out.

HTC One Lens Cannon DSLR
The teases are fun to try to decipher. Of course they won’t just tell us what they mean until Tuesday. You could lean towards the idea of the HTC One supporting DSLR camera lens add-ons. That would be pretty amazing. Nothing is set in stone and there don’t seem to be any answers out there that we can find. We are pretty excited to see what HTC has planned on the 19th. What do you guys think? What is HTC hinting at with these images?

Source: HTC Twitter via 9to5Google

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    We need phones with optical zoom. Remember that T-Mobile phone back in 08 or 09. I cant remember the name of it, it was either LG or Samsung, it had that optical zoom lens that extended out the back of the phone. That was cool. Or that newer Nokia phone. Its possible, so come on HTC be the first android phone to have a optical lens