Press-Release-Image-Strip10, an online retailer specializing exclusively in successful Kickstarter products for Apple accessories, is now stocked and shipping the elegant ‘auris,’ a Bluetooth- based music receiver.  Now, users can play, listen and control their favorite music through their existing dock from any iOS or Android device.

“The auris is a great solution to a problem many of us have encountered,” says Chris Johnson, Founder of  “Sometimes we don’t want to dock our phones when listening to music.  Or we have a really fantastic music dock that won’t work with the iPad or Android devices without long wires.  Well, the auris enhances the way we use our docks and listen to music.”

The auris connects with any Bluetooth-enabled device including the iPhone, iPad, and most Android smartphones offering superior sound.  The receiver stores up to eight paired devices.  That means all you need to do is simply walk within the 33-foot working wireless range, and the auris will automatically sync and begin streaming your music from the last paired device.

The auris boasts Bluetooth 4.0 with AptX coding for faster device pairing and low power consumption.  The AptX coding simply means that the auris offers hi-fi stereo quality with a wider dynamic range.  The auris comes with a built-in microphone which allows you to receive calls, and volume buttons give the user full control of the music playback.

With the Auris, there’s no need to find time to charge the receiver.  Once inserted into the dock, it uses the power supply directly from the docking station.  Users can continuously stream their favorite tunes for a longer listening experience while freeing up their smartphone to text, email, check Facebook and more.  An AUX Out allows users to connect to the car stereo, amplifier, or headphones with the included AUX 3.5mm cable.

“The auris isn’t just limited to music,” adds Johnson.  “You can use it to immerse yourself in a game or movie, too.”

The Auris is available in Arctic White and Piano Black for only $49.99 at

First announced on Kickstarter in Fall 2012, the Auris quickly surpassed its initial funding goal of $40,000 reaching an astounding $131,911 in pledges.


  • FILA

    Pretty cool. If I recall right, this went by a different name when Apple forced them to take it down. Didnt know what happened to them till now. Pretty cool, but being a hard Android addict, I still wouldnt want a i made device in my house. lol

    • Chris

      No that was another KS project called Pair With Pear

      • FILA

        yess, that was it! Im surprised the same didnt happen to this then.

  • abqnm

    I am afraid this is not a new product. CableJive has had a nearly identical product for quite some time now.

    It is not BT 4.0, but it does work fairly well and is less expensive, at $34.95.

    • Stormy Beach

      Good info, thanks for letting u s know. It is a new product for that manufacturer though. For those people living in an iPhone home, having a connection option that works with an Android device also is pretty great.

      • FILA

        How dare you live in a iPhone home!

        • Stormy Beach

          LOL. I don’t, but I have friends who are of the other variety. I call them my Fruity friends. LOL.