Beautiful Widgets 5.1
One of my personal favorite weather widget apps just received a new update today. Beautiful Widgets from LevelUp Studios is now at version 5.1 and brings in some new goodies for fans everywhere. The short list that is on the Play Store only offers up a little bit of what is new.

What’s in this version:

– New weather provider WeatherUnderground
– New Forecast Fragment Lifestyles
– New widgets for tablets
– New beta channel
– New layouts for WeatherWidgets 4×1
Improve :
– The geolocation can be removed
– Add a setting to disable the weather animations
– Hide Home Fragment, and put Tutorial when there is no widgets
– New translations
– Physical menu button opens the Sliding menu in the Forecast Screen
Fix a lot of bugs

There is also a fairly large list of bug fixes as well. You can check that list out at the LevelUp Studios Blog. One of the cooler new additions is the lifestyle page found on the forecast screen.

Beautiful Widgets LifeStyle
It gives you a rating of various outdoor activities and the rating of the activity for the current weather. Not that it is needed, we can all make up our own mind if it is warm enough to go hiking. Still, it is kind of a cool addition.

The update is live in the Play Store for everyone to snag. You can hit the link below to shorten your trip and get the update installed now.

Play Store Link – Beautiful Widgets by LevelUp Studios