The cryptic teaser videos keep on coming from various manufacturers and company’s from across the globe. All teasing us coyly for announcements that they have planned for Mobile World Congress at the end of the month in Barcelona, Spain. The latest in cinematic trailers was recently released by ASUS. It shows a very intriguing spaceship flying into Barcelona and landing on a church. The ship is shiny, big and powerful. At the end they ask everyone to “Join ASUS to Embrace the Metallic Miracle.”

ASUS lists a website as well, The page offers a countdown to the event, which looks to be streamed live via the same site, along with a few other clues. They are obviously going to release another video tomorrow at some point in time. We are pretty sure it will be the next part of the spaceship after the landing. There is one line of text on the page that points to exactly what they are hinting towards, “When Pad and Phone come Together.” Sounds like they are really hyped and excited for an announcement that is aimed at the Fonepad, possibly.


The Fonepad has been in the rumor mill for a little while now. It just recently passed through the Global Certification Forum with various GSM and WCDMA bands, but no LTE. It is rumored to be a 7-inch tablet with phone capabilities with a screen resolution of 1280 x 800. Internals have been suggested to be an Intel Atom Z2420 1.2 GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, various memory options from 8GB to 32GB, a micro SD card slot, front and rear cameras and a 4,720 mAh battery. ( from Softpedia) Supposed leaked images of the tablet seems to show an aluminum body.

ASUS Fonepad
While the header image on the event page shows a look at some icons like a camera, Facebook, Email, Navigation, Box, Wi-Fi, Music and an art app, we don’t see a phone icon anywhere in the mix. There is one more thing to point out. it could be nothing, or it could be everything. If you look at the image, the path the icons follow is in the shape of an eight. It could be the infinity symbol. If it is an eight then this could all be aimed at a new Windows 8 tablet from ASUS.

So much speculation can be pulled from all of this. We will stop here for now and see what tomorrows video has to offer us. We will keep you posted on anything we discover and definitely be bookmarking the event page to see what ASUS has planned for the world.

Via AndroidHeadline