Get Drunk with Power with the “PowerFlask” By Digital Treasures, a Creative New Way to Charger Three Devices Simultaneously



Pocket-Friendly and Party-Ready, the PowerFlask combines novelty and functionality to guarantee a long-lasting charge for your favorite devices


Digital Treasures stirred up a concoction that is one part distinctive, two parts fun, and three parts functional: the PowerFlask. To be announced later today! It’s a creative, portable charging solution in the shape of a flask that powers up three USB devices at the same time.

“The PowerFlask offers a new twist on an existing product.  We took a traditional power bank and encased it in a fun package- a flask,” says Brian Austin, President of Digital Treasures.  “However, don’t let the look of this fool you.  The rechargeable lithium battery packs serious power which is perfect for fully charging multiple gadgets at once. In fact, the PowerFlask can charge two iPads and an iPhone at the same time!  There aren’t many chargers on the market with that kind of power.”

The PowerFlask is the ideal charging solution for individuals who use several devices daily such as tablets, smartphones and more.  Portable and lightweight, the flask design allows the user to easily slide it into a briefcase, purse, or pocket to ensure your devices have a recharging option ready anytime, anywhere.  It delivers a 13,000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery which will keep supplying extra juice for devices on-the-go.

Two ultra-bright flashlight LED’s are situated at the top of the PowerFlask for lighting options while the user is on the road.  It’s perfect for emergency situations, to find your keys at the bottom of a purse and much more.

The PowerFlask works with the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Windows and Android smartphones.  The power bank includes two 30-pin iPad/iPhone connectors, a USB-to-Micro-USB charging cable, a USB-to-Dual-Micro-USB charging cable, and a USB power adapter.




The PowerFlask is wrapped in a supple leather with an aluminum finish for a high-quality and eye-catching aesthetic.  It is available in black for $89.95 at


Technical Specifications

  • Input- 5V- 1000mAh
  • Output- 5.3V- 2.5A(MAX)/1A(MAX)
  • Capacity- 13,000mAh


About Digital Treasures

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Since 1998, Digital Treasures has provided compelling value propositions on consumer-focused mobile accessories and mobile electronics products.  The company is constantly working to bring new, unique products to the market to meet the needs and enhance its consumer’s lifestyles.