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Just yesterday we put up an article outlining a little information about some home replacement apps and lockscreen replacement apps. Trying new apps and changing your device around is a great way to kill some time and to give it a fresh new look. A new home replacement app that has been under construction in XDA by members navdeepsangwan and winograd, has made it to beta status and is on the Play Store for everyone to take for a spin. We have to say, it is beautiful and fluid.

Vire Launcher has some of same features and functions as the rest of the home replacements out there. There are a multitude of transition effects to choose from like Cube In, Cube Out, Fade, Flip and Basic. There are two new ones that aren’t on the others though, Crystal and Tile. The Crystal transition looks like a sheet of Crystal in 3D as you change screens. It is super fluid and even shows the app and widget reflections on the opposite side of the Crystal plate. It even has some impressive lighting effects to it that change based on the gyroscope. The Tile transition is like flying tiles of the screen when you flip to the next page.

Vire Launche Vire Launche Vire Launche
There is a little more to Vire than just some amazing transition effects. If you notice the clock that is at the top of the screen, it has a shiny metal look to it. The light reflections shift as your phone does in your hand. Again, using your device gyroscope to alter the light reflection in real-time. It is just a really nice touch. If you drag your finger down from the clock you reveal a separate folder of sorts. You can place other widgets on it or just some apps if you would like.

Vire Launcher Vire Launcher Vire Launcher
So cool. In the settings area for the launcher you find a few basics. Nothing over complicated or tricky to figure out. You can hide your status bar, enable reflections  HD Shader, Full Screen transitions ( which is really cool because it includes the dock in the transition) and your various themes and transition settings. Vire Launcher is limited to three themes at the moment – Basic, Outline or Pebble. There will be plenty more in the future of course.

Vire Launcher Beta is available for all who wish to give it a try. They are looking for feedback and issue reports. For a beta version, Vire Launcher is pretty slick. There is a little lag when opening apps and it does snag up a chunk of RAM. We definitely suggest you only ry it out on a higher end device like the Galaxy S III, Note II or equivalent device. It looks and works great on my S III and is where the screens above came from.

Give it a shot by clicking or scanning that useful QR code down below. Be sure to offer your thoughts and feed back to Vire as well and be sure to be honest, but remember it is a beta release. Expect somethings to not be perfect.

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Feel free to contact us in case of launcher problem or feedback: [email protected]

Application: Vire Launcher
Developer: virelabs
Cost: FREE

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