Urban Armor Gear Samsung Galaxy Note ll Case

Hello Android fans, Rafael here with a review of the bullet-proof Urban Armor Gear Composite case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. OK so the case isn’t bulletproof, you got me, but by the looks of it I’d swear it can take on a Barrett .50 cal no problem, but it can’t, so put down your Barrett and read on. I put a picture of the Navigator case out on Google+ and got some comments/questions about this case so I decided to directly answer those questions while doing this review to help everyone on the decision of whether or not you should buy this case. Hint: You Should. So let’s get to it shall we.

First Impression:

I have had  an Urban Armor Case before for my Samsung Galaxy S3 and it was great, actually it was the last case I would put on the S3 until I upgraded to my Note 2 and passed it on to my girlfriend. Even then the case remained on the S3 until the day I brought her a Hello Kitty case from CES, then UAG went into storage because as we all know, Hello Kitty beats protection any day (in her case). Back to the Navigator, this case has a great feel to it and an amazing military-style design as well. It feels great in my hand and gives my phone just enough grip so I can hold it comfortably in my hand but still be able to take it out of my pocket without having it stick the way other rubber cases do. For a first impression this case does a good job but it’s time to get into detail.

What’s In The Box:

  • UAG Case
  • Screen Protector
  • Black & Orange Color Sheet (To change color on the back of the vent)
  • Micro-Cleaning Cloth & Card to push air bubbles out when placing screen protector

Urban Armor Gear Samsung Galaxy Note ll Case Box Contents



Screen Protector:

One question I got was about the screen protector and if it works well with the UAG case. I wanted to answer this question because I have had the same problem with cases that look to provide complete protection but because the case starts getting into the bezel the screen protector actually starts coming off a bit and air bubbles form. As you can see in the picture below the previous case I had on my Note 2 had this exact effect, bubbles started forming all around the corner which showed my protector was coming off and eventually rendered useless. The Navigator from UAG however leaves just enough room on the bezel so the screen protector (which is included) can be used with no problem and more importantly, no air bubbles.

 Samsung Galaxy Note ll Screen Protector Air Bubbles


UAG has also put in some “vents” on the back of the case to, and I quote, “keep things cool”. I don’t know if this will really serve any purpose for my Note 2 as it rarely overheats. But even then I don’t think the vents will make much of a difference in keeping my device or helping it cool down. I think they may just mean that they want to make the case look “cooler” by combining the vents and the different color sheets to place in the back that gives it just a bit of customization.

Urban Armor Gear Samsung Galaxy Note ll Case Vents


As far covers the power button and volume rocker are covered with a thin piece of flexible plastic that allows for flexibility and easier use. This is nice to see as the S3 case had rigid covers that made it hard to tell when you were actually pushing the volume rocker up/down and sometimes it just pushed both of them at the same time so this is a welcomed improvement. The case is also made to fit perfectly around the camera lens as to not cause any sort of glare that can be created when using the flash on your device and the buffer around the screen and lens also prevents the display and camera lens from making any contact with the surface you lay your phone on. The edges are also covered as there is some extra padding on each corner as those are the areas where cracks are most likely to start.



Something that I also got asked about was how well the S-pen comes out and how difficult can it be to put back in. I can say that as far as taking the S-Pen out it is the same as if there was no case, just pull it out and use, putting it back in is a bit more tricky. The case creates a barrier that doesn’t allow you to completely push the S-Pen in as easy as without a case, basically you have to use your index finger to slide it back in from the back of the case instead of just pushing it in with your thumb  but then again I have big hands so those of you with smaller hands may not have this problem.

 Urban Armor Gear Samsung Galaxy Note ll Case S-Pen Slot


The entire case looks like it is made of metal, even the black screws look like you need an Allen wrench to put the case on and to take off, which if that was needed i would gladly do mind you. The military-style design of the Navigator makes me think it was inspired by a frost covered tank blending into the snow, weird I know but if you’ve seen Lord Of War you know what I am talking about. As far as the other design aspects of the Navigator the black padding along the critical edges where the worst cracks begin just help bring the case together and furthers my notion that this design was made with military influence.

Urban Armor Gear Samsung Galaxy Note ll Case Back


  • Protection: 4.5/5
  • Design: 5/5
  • Feel&Fit: 4/5


Urban Armor Gear has done a great job in keeping the bulk down on this premier case for the Note 2 while still providing great protection and design at a great price. The added customization by way of changing the color sheet from black or orange to any other color you wish is a nice touch and allows for that little personalized touch that many want. All of this compliments a great design and helps create a great case that I am happy to have on my Note 2. So if you want to get your hands on this case for your Note 2, S3, or the iPhone 4/4s/5, and iPad Mini hit up the link below and order your own Urban Armor Gear case now. This has been another AndroidSPIN review thanks for reading.

Website - Urban Armor Gear

*Below are links to Amazon where you can snag this awesome case in either white or black. They also have a great selection for the Galaxy S III.