Google Plex
Did you think that Google didn’t have plans for some crazy facility sitting around somewhere? HA! You were wrong. Apparently Google has been leasing property from NASA since 2008. The lease is set up for 40 years. The real perk, it over looks San Francisco Bay.  The project is designed by Architecture firm NBBJ.

The more you look at the complex, however, the more intriguing it is. The new campus, which the company is calling Bay View, consists of nine roughly similar structures, most of which will be four stories high, and all of which are shaped like rectangles that have been bent in the middle. The bent rectangles are arranged to form large and small courtyards, and several of the buildings have green roofs. All of the structures are connected by bridges, one of which will bring people directly to one of the green roofs that has been done up with an outdoor café and gathering space. And cars, the bane of almost every suburban office complex, including the Google Plex, are hidden away.

Seriously, can we just move in? We pick up after ourselves, cook, clean and don’t take up much space. The press release for the project was actually announced in 2011, but the press release for it no longer exists on Google servers. That is pretty sad. Anyways, I know I wouldn’t mind working at the building, dubbed “Bay View”. Even if for only a day. Seriously, board walks, patios, cafes and so much more…. It is like an episode of MTV Cribs. I know you remember those.

Source: 9to5Google