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It is a sad day today as we have just received word the the ever popular Falcon Pro (for Twitter) app has hit the dreaded 100K token limit set by Twitter. For those of you that do not know, Twitter has a set limit of 100,000 tokens that are allowed for 3rd party Twitter clients and once that limit is reached no new users are allowed to connect via the app.

There is however a small solution to this token limit in which the users who downloaded Falcon Pro (or any twitter client) can actually release their token by simply heading to their Twitter account on the web, navigating to the apps section under settings, and revoking the Falcon Pro app. This releases the token and allows a new user to claim it.

Revoke Falcon Pro


While this may work, it is only a temporary solution to a bigger problem, Twitter’s token limit. This has been a growing hassle for developers who create these Twitter clients as it stops the growth of the app and discourages any other developers from working with Twitter because just as @joenrv (Falcon Pro Creator) found out once that limit is reached, Twitter just deletes the app (see image below).


Joaquim Vergès  joenrv  on Twitter



But Joaquim isn’t going down without a fight, we are pushing this petition with Joaquim that calls for Twitter to raise the token count for Falcon Pro as while this limit was reached it may have been done so by the piracy of the app. Unfortunently one of the sad truths of Android is piracy and this is maybe the cause of the token issue with Falcon Pro, when i spoke with Joaquim he said there are only 40,000 active installs according to Google which may mean that the other 60,000 tokens have been taken up by users who pirated this popular Twitter client. So yes, the 100k token limit was reached but it may have been through fault of piracy. So hit up the link below to sign the petition and have Twitter raise the token limit for Falcon Pro, and hopefully change the limit for all Twitter clients.

Falcon Pro Token Limit Petition

  • http://abhishekroy.co Abhishek -The POLI’TECH’AL

    It’s really sad to know this.I really loved twitter but things like this might make us move on to something different and more productive. I love Falcon!! :)

  • http://paranoimia.co.uk/ Paranoimia


    I bought mine – too good not to. Love the app.

    Damn pirates. It’s only a couple of quid, buy the damn thing! Though shame on Twitter too, for limiting apps other than their own

    • PJMAN2952

      I’ve had my Android phone for about an year now and I have never pirated an app. I always buy apps or games that I want and Falcon Pro was the best app I have ever bought. It’s sad that Twitter has this token limit shit for Android.

  • Kishan

    Maybe Joaquim could fix the typos in the petition to be taken seriously

  • NuLLnVoiD

    Are you sure it’s pirated apps? For example, I bought it for my tablet but since it’s the same account on my phone. Does that take 1 token or 2? Just asking?

    • PJMAN2952

      I’m guessing it’s only one token since you bought it on your account.

  • Roberto Cocchiararo

    Did i take 2 tokens by installing falcon pro on my tablet AND my phone ?