Google Music Streaming Music Service
Late night searching can sometime result in unusual topics. Apparently Google is in negotiations with various music companies to bring a paid music subscriptions service to the planet. At least this is according to people who are familiar with the matter, says the Wall Street Journal and also confirmed by the Financial Times. ( Since we don’t need another subscription to a news feed, we didn’t get their take on it.) Google is also looking to partner with music industry leaders to offer a paid subscription service for music videos via YouTube. There is even chatter about an audio-only service as well.

I know we all love Google and their offerings, but do we need then to bring us another music service? Spotify works like a dream, Pandora is still an option that many love. Then there is the upcoming project from Trent Reznor and Beats Audio, currently dubbed Daisy. If Google can undercut Spotify by a few bucks and have the same, if not more, of an accessible collection, then they are on the right track. They do have a pretty extensive collection of albums and artists in the Play Store. We wonder if it will be joined into Google Music or be a totally separate service.

The real question is if the world, if available globally, would kick their streaming habits for other companies to take on a Google Streaming music service. I guess a lot of it would depend on how they implement it and how closely it is tied into Android as well as Chrome OS. Maybe we will see something at Google I/O about all of this.

Via WSJ and FT


  • FILA

    I dont use any internet radio service out there, I still do the old fashion way of downloading and tagging my mp3s, but if Google brings a free service with unlimited streaming I may take up on this