HTC One Three UK
If you have been living in a cave and have just emerged to see how messed up the world is lately, than you have no idea about the HTC One device that was just recently announced. For the rest of us that can’t go into hiding, we know exactly what the new flagship device from HTC is all about. If you happen to live in the UK and utilize, or wish to utilize, Three UK, then you have a chance to get your pre-order in for the new device.

Three is offering HTC One under two tariffs: Ultimate Internet 500 which will cost you £34 per month along with upfront cost of £69 for the device. It consists 500 minutes calls and 5000 texts free. As far as I know, I am a silly American, this is pretty decent. Next up is the ‘One Plan’. Which is £36 a month with £69 upfront cost for the device. In addition it will provide 2000 minutes calls, 5000 texts and tethering along with unlimited data. If you are more apt for pay-as-you-go, then you can expect to shell out £479.99.

Anyone across the big blue sea gonna be going after this one?

Source: via GoAndroid

  • DjDanny

    Not me. The metal case is about the only new thing about it. I’m more than happy with my £289 unlocked Nexus 4.