Kyocera Torque Bear Grylls
As if drinking urine, scaling the sides of mountains using a vine and enduring a survival trip with Will Ferrell, Bear Grylls is a survivor. Kyocera thought he would be the perfect candidate to be their celebrity endorsement for their new Kyocera Torque. The Torque isn’t a kill all be all Android device in terms of pure specs, but for the active person, parent or survivalist, it is a pretty slick choice in devices. It has a 5mp camera, Android 4.0, NFC, 1GB of RAM and a dual-core processor. It is all about the survival rating of the Torque that is the attention grabber without the need for another case, like Seidio OBEX case we shared for the Galaxy S III.

At any rate, if you are a bit nuts like Bear is, then the Torque could be your best friend. The device is supposed to be released by Sprint next month.




I’d love to see it appear in an episode of Bear Grylls, but that would defeat the purpose of survival. That and I know Sprint doesn’t have service where he often goes. It could offer up some music and movies in those late night clips though.

Via AndroidAuthority

  • FILA

    not a bad looking phone, unfortunately a bad network. Wish more phones were this durable but good looking. Japan has all the waterproof phones and stuff and there really good looking, but here in the states ______