JayBirds BlueBuds X

I hate running, I hate it with a passion, I mean I was raised around weights personally, my dad was a bodybuilder as well so weights are my home and I tend to stay close to home. But I know that if you want to be in great shape you have to do a bit of cardio here and there and when I absolutely have to music is a must, it helps pass the time. However with the wires hanging out my ears leading to my pockets it can still get rather annoying and ruins the music not to mention the noise the cords make when they move around. They also never stay in place for some reason falling out at random times and throwing me off my stride just so I can get them back into place. Also, if that wasn’t enough, I have lost a few buds to sweat and a bit of blood (that’s a story for another day) on some days so I just get a new set and do it all over again.This time it was different, this time I had the Jaybird BlueBuds X. What is this amazing piece of technology you may ask, well they are the only Bluetooth ear buds that have actually helped me enjoy running and that is saying something. So let me show you what exactly the BlueBuds X have to offer in today’s review.


First Impressions:

First thought when I got these in the mail was “wow these things look amazing”, the shade of green reminded me of Android so I was excited to try them out on the spot. The packaging showed me exactly what Jaybird was aiming for as there is the USA Triathlon Official Training Headphones on the right side and an image of a man drenched in sweat with the BlueBuds X still in his ear on the inside, I think  it is safe to say these were built with exercise in mind. One thing that I did notice is that there was no included wall charger for the BlueBuds just a cable, this may bother some people who expect it after paying a $170 for them. All that aside I can say as far as first impressions go these things scream EXERCISE!!!.

JayBirds BlueBuds X First Impressions

What’s In The Box:

  • BlueBuds X
  • Earbuds Case
  • Three Pairs Of Ear Tips (S,M,&L) Along With Matching Size Secure Fit Ear Cushions
  • Micro-USB Flat Cable For Charging Your Bluebuds
  • Two Management Clips (For The Over-Ear Mode)

JayBirds BlueBuds X In The Box



There are plenty of Bluetooth headphones out there, some good, some bad, but i can safely tell you these are great. They are running Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR which maybe an older form of Bluetooth but as explained on their site is perfectly capable for music as the newer versions of Bluetooth “…offer no benefits for headphones as BLE, Bluetooth Low Energy, is not adequate for streaming high bandwidth stereo music”. Well said, nice to see a company who gives the consumers details without much searching, as that is something I wondered about Jaybird and their decision to go with an older Bluetooth version.

JayBirds BlueBuds X Bluetooth


In-Line Microphone:

While the main images push towards the notion of exercise only headphones these also have an in-line mic. The mic works really well with the Android OS and also has a good list of button actions (see below) as well. This is something i really like because too may headphones, wired or not, have in-line mics that just don’t work with the Android OS or just have limited functions such as pause and play.  The button actions work perfectly with my Note 2 and although it may some getting used to because of the 1 click, 1 and 4 second click and holds combinations that are used for different functions with Android, still they are worth learning but usually only the essential ones in regards to music and answering/ending phone calls are used a majority of the time but it is nice to know those extras are in there.

*Quick note here though I did have some problems with the redial feature of the headphones nothing dialed at all and if you are on a stock ROM (your phone is running the software that came with it) holding down the center button brings up Samsung’s S-Voice app instead of Google Now, I disabled S-Voice and have Google Now set as default but no luck in getting Google Now.

JayBirds BlueBuds X Mic Button Controls

Unique Google Voice Dialer:

Now this isn’t really an advertised feature of the BlueBuds X but I wanted to include it just because it as a side of Google Now I had not seen before. When pressing and holding the middle button on the in-line mic a pop up voice dialer screen shot up from Google Now, it wasn’t anything amazing but it was new to me. It is a simple screen as all you have to do with it is say who or what number you want to call, in my case my girlfriend “baby”, and then confirming the choice by saying “ok”, nothing groundbreaking but it was new to me.

Secure Fit Ear Cushions/Ear buds:

This is what keeps the BlueBuds in your ears when your running that last mile in your 5k or getting through that last dead-lift after 10 sets, the ear cushions are what keep the buds in your ears. It is amazing to me how simple of a design this ear cushion is and yet how effective it can be in keeping the BlueBuds in-ear during rigorous activities and as proof I have a little story as to how well they do the job. Over this past weekend I was heading to Long Beach and got stuck waiting at a red light with two other cars in front of me.  I was in the passenger seat using the BlueBuds X, my girl was in the driver seat and after a few seconds of waiting, BAM, we get hit from the back by a guy going 60 MPH off a freeway exit, so this hit caused us to smash into the car in front of us and that one hits the one in front of her.  As I’m getting out of the car to help my girl and check out everyone else I notice I can’t hear that well, thinking the accident affected me more than I initially realized i reach towards my ear and lo and behold the BlueBuds X are still in my ears. So long story short I got hit by a car going 60 MPH and the BlueBuds X didn’t come off, that is truly a secure fit.

Now let’s get back to the cushions, there are 3 pairs included in box and the ear cushions are sized along with the ear buds so small ear cushions with the small ear buds, medium cushions with medium buds, and so on and so forth. You don’t have to stay with this match up as the ear buds are sized so you can get the best secure fit and keep all that solid bass from getting out but the cushions are made to keep the BlueBuds from falling out so if one set doesn’t match up just mix&match.

Sweat Resistance:

This is another kick to the exercise side of the BlueBuds, sweat resistance, these buds are able to withstand any moisture (such as sweat) thanks JayBirds partnership with LiquiPel. LiquiPel is the industry leader in nano-coating technology which means they have the ability to implement their moisture and perspiration repellent to the BlueBuds X at a molecular level. This advanced form of protection does not affect the quality of the product in any sense and allow for greater protection with no added bulk. Jaybirds is in fact so confident about the sweat resistance they have a Lifetime Warranty Against Sweat on the back of the box. I can say that after using them for a 3-mile run on the treadmill they are fully protected against moisture and do a good job at staying in despite the sweat.

JayBirds BlueBuds X Sweat Resistance


Jenna is the BlueBuds X voice assistant feature that helps notify the user when using the buds for major actions such as, Turning the BlueBuds On/Off, pairing with you handset, or redialing your last call by double clicking the middle button. Jenna does not tell you if the volume is going up or down but there is a bit of annoying beep that happens each time you raise or lower the volume. It does not bother me as much since I usually keep the volume at one level and don’t change it from there.


Sound Quality:


Now in this category there are a few different items I want to include, first one being Bluetooth technology. You have to remember while these are premium headphones they are susceptible to the limiting features of Bluetooth, in other words, you can’t expect them to play clear music when you leave your phone in your room and go to get something from your car on the street or in the garage. That being said this is where the crucial part of having the right fit of ear buds comes into play, as this is what keeps ambient noise from your surroundings out and all your music in. The bass I found is just at the right level where it isn’t overwhelming but is also heavy enough to give AC/DC’s “Highway To Hell” a great sound and feel, this may be different for you as all people are different in how they like their music to sound but personally this has been the only headset I have used since I received them.

Call Quality:

While the headphones are great for music the call quality does take a bit of a hit although it is not much of how the call sounds it as it is the mic used to make the calls. The in-line mic used for the BlueBuds X is great if you’re in a room maybe but step outside and your screwed, the mic has no noise-cancelling technology of any sort and because of the that the person on the other end of the line will hear everything and sometimes may not hear you at all. This is the only major problem I had with the BlueBuds X but this did not really stop me from using them as I valued them more for their resistance and ease of use with physical activities then taking calls.

Battery Life/Charging:

This is where the BlueBuds X have been greatly improved from last years 4 hour battery life by what they are calling BatteryHD which has doubled the battery life to a great 8 hours of use. I have used these buds for the full 8 hours both in playing music and taking some phone calls and I can definitely say the 8 hours battery life hits the mark. After the battery died I flipped the lid on the right earbud to gain access to the charging port and put these to charge for about one hour which resulted in about 2-3 hours of use. One thing that I hope JayBirds brings to Android is the battery monitor that shows up on the iPhone, it is a handy little feature that shows you how much battery you have left.


  • Sound:4/5
  • Call Quality:3.5/5
  • Mic-Controls:3/5
  • Battery Life:5/5
  • Resistance To Moisture:5/5
  • Secure Fit:5/5 (A Ten If Allowed)
  • Price:3.9/5


After testing out the BlueBuds X for two weeks I can confidently say that they are great Bluetooth headphones and are perfect for a run or workout session. I will admit though that the price is a bit high for a pair of earbuds without a noise-cancelling mic and a lack of proper configuration for button actions on Android. With Android rapidly dominating the mobile market this is something JayBird should definitely think about improving on and maybe bringing into the next JayBird product.  All in all the BlueBuds X by Jaybird are a great pair of Bluetooth headphones that will appeal to the fitness and tech enthusiast in you. So hit up the links down below for both Amazon and the official JayBirds site to get your own great pair of the BlueBuds X to help you start exercising wire free. This has been an AndroidSPIN review thanks for reading.

Purchase from Amazon – Jaybird Bluebuds X – White

Purchase from Amazon – JayBird BlueBuds X – Midnight Black

Official Site Location - JayBird BlueBuds X

  • 1121South

    i just got the BlueBuds X.
    using them on an HTC ONE.

    i noticed that there isn’t a battery life icon for the headphones on my phone but it says there should be one on an iPhone.

    also the mic is sorta out of place when using the headphones in the ‘Advanced Over-Ear Fit Option’.

    i also read another review saying that the sound is much better on iOS devices.
    i have noticed some ‘spiking’ treble on a handful of iTunes downloaded songs (on my HTC ONE).

    i’ve yet to go for a run but that ‘spiking’ treble might make me rethink these bad boys.
    $169.99 headphones… my $79.99 Beats Tour Buds don’t spike.

    Could very well be the Bluetooth signal, from what i’ve read.

    oh well, i’ve got a few days before i have to take them back.
    we’ll see!