NVIDIA Tegra 4 Zombie Driver

Tegra 4 on the left

One thing that I have always been slightly jealous of is the TegraZone THD games. They have some of the highest quality graphic games for mobile play available. While many of the same games are available for other processors in other Android devices, the Tegra powered devices always get a boost that is just beautiful. It should come as no surprise that NVIDIA is in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress. They have been showing off the Tegra 4 and Tegra 4i chip sets and their amazing power to deliver insane quality to mobile devices. Take the NVIDIA Shield for instance, that little gaming device is sporting the Tegra 4 mobile chip and is amazing fast, smooth and stunning.

Anyone could talk benchmarks, number of cores and all sort of other geeky information, but seeing is believing in our book. NVIDIA could have easily just releases a few videos of some upcoming games. They would have looked amazing and we would have all drooled. Instead they offered up two videos that offer up a side-by-side comparison of just how much more intense the new chip is. Take a quick watch below.



When you see video demos of new games on new hardware it is sometime hard to tell the difference. NVIDIA did an amazing job of showing side-by-side views of the same game, doing the same things to really hi-light the capabilities of the processor. Are you getting a little more excited to get your hands on a device packing in a Tegra 4?



  • FILA

    Processors are becoming better each year. The thing I hate thou is that NVIDIA will show you how crappy your Tegra 3 is compared to the 4, and then next year your 4 is crappy next to the 5. We dont know what generic chip there showing off in that comparison, but next year they will make the tegra 4 look worse then what it can actually do, like they do with the tegra 3.