Google+ Pulsar Intro 1

The ever so popular Francois Beaufort has just released some images of a new Google+ photo app that is in the works for the Google Chrome browser. There isn’t much detail given about the app and only a handful of images were shared. From what we can tell this will mainly function as an easier method of uploading and sharing photos on Google+ from Chrome.

Google+ Pulsar Intro 2

The app has been named “Pulsar” and some “key features” that were named by Beaufort include:

Automatic selection of the best shots

Automatic import of photos when I plug in a camera or memory card

Along with the leak of screenshots, Francois has also put out a link to the Pulsar zip Archive which you can also download here. I personally can’t try it out at the moment so if you get it working on your Chromebook, let me know in the comments below. After this little silent leak of Pulsar it is nice to see that Google is still working on newer projects and improving upon their already existing services that play such a vital part in our work, Thanks Google.

Source: +François Beaufort

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    read comments on post on g+ and you will run it like i am :)