Chrome for Android
Google pushed through quite a few updates to some of their apps over the last 24 hours or so. The latest in the list is an update for Chrome. It offers some of the usual new things like, improved scrolling performance, increased responsiveness for pinch-to-zoom, faster interactive pages thanks to V8 javascript engine and expanded HTML5 support. Of curse there are other various bug fixes, stability improvements and some minor UI adjustments too. That all sounds like a win for everyone. It is the fourth new feature that is really turning heads and making people happy. Audio will now continue to play while Chrome is running in the background.

For those that have no idea what that means, it simply means that if you are listening to something in the browse and have to switch over to an email or something, the audio will continue to play and not stop. This new feature does require new permission access, do you will have to manually update this one. Head to the Play Store and pick it up as soon as you get a chance.

Play Store Link – Chrome

  • FILA

    I can say for myself that I come across times where I could use this. Great they did this. Nice for background audio from sites.