Oh how we love the rumor mill. It is always fun to consider the possibilities. Dream up what they are really up to, and then usually be let down by the outcome. Never the less, 9to5Google picked up a tweet from Wacom today that teased of something new.


Wacom does have an Android app, Bamboo Paper, which is note taking app. As a whole Wacom makes some very stellar products for digital artists. Is that tweet hinting towards an Android based artists tablet with one or more of their high end stylus built-in? Not sure. With Samsung taking that category with the Note II, Note 8.0 and Note 10.1, it seem feasible that Wacom could be looking to break into that market. We do have Photoshop and plenty of amazing artistic apps out there for Android already, the right people just need the right tablet.

We will keep an eye out and see if this potential thought from 9to5Google pans out into some sort of high end artist Android tablet. What do guys think?

Source: 9to5Google