It pays to be a night owl sometimes. When you stay up into the wee hours of the night, some pretty awesome information ends up at your digital doorstep. And tonight, it concerns the Galaxy S IV. Seems that SamMobile got some screenshots sent over to them. Screenshots that were lifted from the Galaxy S IV. These screenshots confirm one feature that have been reported to be in the Galaxy S IV. Let’s officially welcome “Smart Scrolling”.

We reported a couple days ago, that the GSIV was going to have eye based scrolling technology. If you take a look at these screenshots…it confirms just that. They are calling it “Smart scrolling”, which I guess is a fitting title to this technology.  The screenshots show a calibration menu, as well as some other “smart” settings. These smart settings will detect position of your head, whether you look away, turning to the side, or simply just watching whatever is displayed on the screen. Yeah, this phone is going to be watching whatever move you make. Let that sink in.

The screenshots also show that Samsung has decided to stick to a similar UI as the Galaxy S III. I am sure there will have lots of improvements though, with Nature UX 2.0. Check out the screenshots, and let us know what you guys think.

UPDATE: According to SamMobile, these screenshots are actually from am Android 4.2.1 firmware update for the Galaxy S III. Guess they plan on rolling out this Smart Scrolling to the GSIII as well.

Source: SamMobile

  • Neel

    its not from s4 but from s3’s 4.2.1 update

  • FILA

    Really cool shit sammy is doing, unfortunately if you want stock android and the cool features they are doing, your screwed. Samsung is really making stock android…i hate to say it…

    • http://www.androidspin.com Stormy Beach

      Sammy is doing a pretty awesome job. They had HUGE issues when they first hit the Android scene, but learned from them and made quick changes. A lot of the features are all still very usable if you like a more stock android look with something like Nova or Apex. That is what I have done. Sure, the menus and things are still TW, but app drawer and home screens look a little better and ore functional.

      • FILA

        Yea I put a launcher on my myTouch 4G back in the day before it was able to root and rom. There was still to much Espresso going on that I didnt like. Its a good idea, I just wish Google would come up with this stuff first and work them in stock.