The Google Glass era is vastly approaching  Soon, people will be walking around with these ridiculous looking pair of glasses on their faces. Do not get me wrong. I think it is awesome technology, but those glasses just do not look pretty to me. We have seen are fair share of videos showing what the features of Google Glass, that will help you do in daily life. All these videos have been first person shot videos, and everything looks like it will be a pretty cool experience.

It is time to see Google Glass in a normal guy’s perspective  We already know where this is going. In the video below, a talented YouTuber took the first person Google Glass video concept, and applied it to a normal guy’s life when he is on a date with a beautiful young lady. It is pretty hilarious. So check it out, and let us know what you guys think of it.

  • FILA

    haha. i was expecting a little more dirty. but yea, this is gonna be a total distraction. 10 years from now they will ban google glass while driving.

    • Stormy Beach

      10 years from now? Obama is probably already working on bill to through you in jail, track your position and target glass with a drone. Easy target practice.

  • FILA

    Yea, I was just estimating since its taking them like 10 years to ban phones from driving. I know some states already ban phones completely but some still arnt. Thou today, stuff is happening really fast, worrying about stupid stuff then important. Like banning unlocking your phone, seriously!!