Widgetheads rejoice. Time to take all those homescreens you have full of widgets, and throw them out. Pop-up widget is an awesome little app, that acts as a space saver for your homescreens. I, for one, loved having multiple screens with multiple widgets. I finally came across this app that can satisfy my widget addiction, as well as save screen space on my phone. I can have a folder with icons instead of widgets consuming space on my homescreen. Once I click on the icon, the widget pops up and I can scroll through it, or click on it as if it were a normal widget.

Pop-up Widget is very easy to use. Once you install it, you simply go into the app and start adding widgets to your list. When first adding a widget, it will let you choose from all of the widgets that are in your phone. From here you can customize the background, make sure it does not auto-close, pick the pop up effect and speed,  and adjust the size of the widget. Not hard at all. There is a free version, as well as a paid version. The free version will show ads on the top of your screen once you widget has popped up. It gets kind of annoying so I would say pay the $1.49 for the ad-fre version. Check out my little video review on it below, and let us know if you downloaded it.

Play Store Links:  Free Version Paid Version