There is nothing like a good ad bashing of a competitor. Sure, it is a little unprofessional at times, but it is always fun. It has been happening for decades from carriers, to OEM’s to competing food and beverage companies. Anyone remember this Pepsi vs Coke ad?


I am a Pepsi myself. I personally think it is all fun and games. Half the time I think these guys call each other and plan out some ad attacks together. You all caught the last one put out by AT&T in response to John’s CES comment that AT&T’s network was “Crap.” It was a full-page ad down playing T-Mobiles network. It looks like T-Mobile has some new ads on the way in response to it and I have got to say, they are PERFECT. Like the one below – “If AT&T thought our network wasn’t great, why did they try to buy it?” They just sunk their battleship on that one.

T-Mobile Ad for AT&T
There are two more that winners as well, but that first one should be the primary ad to hit all the news stands.

T-Mobile Ad for AT&T T-Mobile Ad for AT&T
I am happy to see T-Mobile stepping up its game this year. Go after AT&T, taking the horse by the reins and putting the peddle to the medal. T-Mobile is going to do some serious pushing this year and i for one can’t wait to see how it all unfolds. I mean, the whole all value plan and no contract approach is pretty bold, but makes so much sense and is so straight to the point.

Which ad is your personal favorite?

Via Tmonews

  • Nick

    It helps that t mobile aquired metropcs 4g license to use on their towers. Metro is able to use t mobile and vise versa. Look at the effect three merger had t mobile has the network to back it up

  • FILA

    i thought the first one was hilarious. Glad to see T-Mobile respond back.