[Sneak Peek] Robin For ADN Is Going Dark


Robin Android App ADN

Lately the place to be in social media is app.net. A paid social community that looks like it will be the potential Twitter-killer. One of the biggest factors in a new social media is the implementation of a great and functional mobile app. Luckily unlike Facebook, app.net has some great and visually appealing apps. The best one being Robin. This app has been the go to choice for many subscribers to app.net on Android and with good reason. Robin implements the beautiful holo design we all look for in an app, and does so while keeping the functionality of the app together. Now this isn’t a review. This is more of a sneak peek for my fellow Robin users. We have been asking for a dark theme for a few days now, and I am happy to say it is here. This sneak peek also shows some other features that will be coming soon . So for now, enough talking. Let me just show you.

Dark Theme/Theme( You can Choose):

Robin Android App For ADN Theme Dark Or Light 1

Robin Android App For ADN Stream
















Quick Post Notification(Post From Notification Bar):

Robin Android App For ADN Quick Post Notification

Profile And Header Image (Can Now Edit From Within The App):

Robin Android App For ADN Profile And Header

As you can see, this app has improved greatly and the dark theme is a highly welcomed feature. I will bring you updates as they arrive so stay tuned here for your Robin news. Thanks for reading.

Quick Note: Currently this version of the app is not available to the general public. You can however get the stable release of Robin from the Play Store by clicking the link below.


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