Unicorn Apocalypse IconI think it is safe to assume that we have all seen the recent slew of Samsung commercials about “Unicorn Apocalypse”. You know, the one where the Samsung Galaxy Note II and Samsung Galaxy SIII are both shown as great devices for the workplace thanks to their  SAFE (Samsung For Enterprise) security. Well even if you don’t remember the whole concept of the commercial, those devices were being used to aid in the creation of a game called Unicorn Apocalypse. Now we all don’t believe what we see in commercials (stupid Be-Amazing Body Soap Didn’t work at all) but I am glad to say this is not one of those times. Turns out Samsung was really working on a game called Unicorn Apocalypse, but to me it seems like something that was thrown together for the commercial. With very slow load times, and lags here and there, I just don’t believe Samsung actually took the time with this game.

Unicorn Apocalypse

Unicorn Apocalypse 1


It does remind me of the Adult Swim game called “Robot Unicorn Attack”,  except without the elevator music and rainbows. Regardless it still does have the same concept in which you have to run and jump to collect unicorn items, in this case unicorn horns, and avoid a slew of obstacles in the process. Which is the goal almost all running games have nowadays. But even then it’s still nice to see that Samsung actually put this game out. So if  you want to see the game in action before you give up the 31.41 MB this game requires, check out the video below. And if you decide you still want to download it hit up the link down below.  Also, let me know how it runs on your Note II or SIII in the comment section of this article. Curious to see if it is only me who experiences lag. Thanks for reading.

Play Store: Unicorn Apocalypse

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    I had a feeling this would be a game,

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    Not available outside the US!!!