Ccleaner Android

We have all been looking for a way to clean up files left over from old installations. Caches building up over time, useless data files from apps we tried once (stupid Unicorn Apocalypse). We all have trash lying around on our Android devices. So wouldn’t it be great to get those precious megabytes back in just one click? Well if the folks over at Piriform have anything to say about it, you will be able to do that very soon.

Ccleaner Android App

For those of you that don’t know, Piriform is the mastermind behind ever popular Windows/Mac programs like Ccleaner, Recuva, and Speccy. Now this great company is looking to enter the Android world by bringing their Ccleaner program over from Windows/Mac. Personally I’m excited to see if Piriform brings that signature one click cleaning to Android, and how well it actually cleans the OS. As of now they are doing some internal testing and there is no release date available as of yet. So make sure to bookmark this page and follow @AndroidSPIN on Twitter for the latest up-to-date news on this upcoming app. Let me know your thoughts on Ccleaner in the comments below and as always, thanks for reading.

Source: Piriform

  • Evilounge

    Or use sd maid. We’ll see which is better

  • FILA

    just dont wipe your app cache, lol, might piss you off when you loose your game records or settings

  • nikki

    Can’t wait. I’ve used CCleaner for years on everything. Looking forward to this.:)