Everyone is counting down to the Galaxy S IV unveiling. Excitement and disappointment is all over the web at the moment, and Samsung is doing their very best to grab people’s attention. Well it seems the guys over at Apple Conspiracy want to take a leap forward and show us some Galaxy S VI mock-ups. Yeah forget the five, they want to see this two years from now.

In this Galaxy S VI, they want to see a 4.5-inch S-OLED display with 2k sharpness. GravityUX will be the UI that is covering up Android 6.0, and the rear-facing camera wil be 16 MP camera that shoots 4k video. That all sounds pretty amazing. It all could very well happen in the next two years, you never know. The look of the phone is sexy and sleek. Be awesome if the S4 actually did in fact look like this, instead of slightly bigger S3. Check out images and let us know what you think.

Source: Android Community

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  • Jon Bianco

    I already pre-ordered my GS VI from this trustworthy looking dude on the corner of my block in Brooklyn. He said if I give him $450 now I will have first dibs on shipment. *twiddles his thumbs*

    • CactusCat

      He told me the same thing, except after he sold it to me, I saw him change into some tuxedo type clothing with white spats along with a bunch of other guys and then they all started dancing. I’m hoping they weren’t dancing because they were so happy to have my money…..

  • Vermaekansh

    Lol this is really awesome, hope it will become reality some day with this design….

  • naomicas

    Galaxy s6 is fabulous phone and you can check some of it’s specs on

  • Manish Balyan

    Galaxy S6 will come with IRIS Scanner check all the stunning features of it here