Arcane legends New Kraken levels
Spacetime Studios has  pushed a new set of patch updates to Arcane Legends. The patch went through yesterday afternoon and offers up quit a bit of new goodies. Inside you hardcore players will find 2 new normal and elite Kraken Isle maps and new Kraken Isle Mines to explore and keep you busy. They have tossed in a few new bosses and some new Elite loot to get your hands on.

Each character class also has some new changes that will improve your game play and overall experience. For instance, the Warriors abilities with Taunt are now more effective. Sorcerers now receive improved bonuses from increasing their Dexterity. Rogues now receive improved bonuses from increasing their Intelligence. The list is rather large and you might want to head to the Arcane Legends Forums for the complete list on character changes.

The patch also tossed in various bug fixes. Some bosses will now have a better chance of dropping elite loot, some weapons have better damage output and some other details that are sure to have caused a few of you some headaches.

While all of that is wonderful, it is the character Respecs free until March 18th that really grabbed my attention. This freebie is a pretty powerful one that anyone can appreciate. Previously you had to spend platinum to respec your character. Respec-ing your character gives you the chance to take back all the silly mistakes you might have made while building up your stats, attributes and abilities. It takes back all your decisions and offers you one large lump some of the points you have earned so that you allocate them in a new fashion. In my case I changed things up and made my little sorcerer, Fien, stronger and focused all my abilities on health, strength and mana. Getting all the upgrades to the 3 power-ups that I have always been using rather than spreading them out and have less powerful special attacks. It really made a huge difference in my game play and ability to stay alive in insane fights.

You don’t have to do anything to get this update except launch the game. I am sure plenty of you have already done so since yesterday. If not, you might want to do it soon so you can at least take advantage of the free Respecs before that ends on March 18th. There is no limit to the number of times you can do it either. So feel free to change things up and play for a bit to see if your new configuration works well for you.

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