Samsung Galaxy S III vs Galaxy S 4
The specs that are listed out for a device are what many people flock too and what many people rely upon for their choice in devices. With so many online retailers available and many people just waiting for a device in  the mail without physically holding it or seeing it, it is no surprise that comparison charts for specs is a must. So what are the on paper differences between the 2012 flagship Galaxy S III and the new Galaxy S 4. Obviously they ditched the roman numeral naming scheme. I think that is sad really. I liked that difference.

Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy S 4
So what stands out? Working down the list you can see a few things are fairly different. Obviously the Android version is a big one. Being that the Galaxy S 4 will launch with 4.2.2, which is where all the Nexus devices are. If my memory is correct, the S 4 will be the first device to launch with, for now, the most current OS version. There will be difference in the processor used by region, but it looks like the RAM should stay the same. Which is also DDR3 vs DDR2. For a tech geek that will mean more than simply 2GBs. There is talk of a 64GB model. I remember Samsung planning the same thing for the S III, but it never made it out. With HTC pushing the One with 32GBs and 64GBs, Samsung should probably do the same thing. The screen is only 0.2 inches larger, but Samsung managed to keep the device size slightly smaller than the S III. Even if only barely, it was achieved. Which I am very pleased with. While I love my S III, that bezel could have been smaller and the screen could have been bigger. Apparently Samsung thought so too. Then you have the resolution and network stuff. The next most noticeable difference is the inclusion of the IR LED. Yes, technically HTC did it first on the One, but still, it is here on the S 4 as well. The battery is only fairly larger, which is also another perk. Bumping up the processor and the screen size slightly will still give it a toll. I am sure some of the software will do a little damage to its life. I am still looking for a rated talk and standby time though.

Based on the ‘on paper specs’ it is showing some solid, but not outlandish improvements. Slow and steady wins the race. I could have easily handled the thinness of the device to be identical to the S III if it meant they could have put a 2,800 or larger battery inside. We will get into the physical differences and software enhancements as the days roll forward. Especially since chatter is aimed at the Galaxy S 4 just being a beefed up S II. Wasn’t the S II just a beefed up S? Or the Note II just a beefed up Note? Sure the designed of each changed to be more elegant looking, but why ruin the look of the Galaxy line by dramatically changing the exterior again? In fact, the international S, S II and S III all have the single home button. The S III just slimmed it up.

The specs are from current information available and specific regions and markets will have specifics on processor availability and all that good stuff.

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  • kstagg

    An edge to edge screen similar to the HTC One would have been nice. In the US, we have 2GB RAM on our S3’s, so to be honest, no real memory improvement there.

    What does irk me though is that I can’t move any music or apps over to the external memory card currently. So even with 16GB, that storage is pointless unless I were to root it, which to be honest, I don’t want to do.

    Curious to see if the S4 would allow apps /music to be moved to ext memory card.

    • Stormy Beach

      Hey bud, why can’t you move music to the SD card?

  • kstagg

    Also, does anyone if wireless charger will work on S3? I had heard a while back that it would. Thanks. Not sure if I’d get one though seeing as we only have one Galaxy phone in the house.

    • FILA

      Think it depends on the carrier version you have. It would have the Qi standard if it does.

    • kstagg

      Sorry, was referring to offline Google music.