Not too long ago, we heard that Verizon had began doing a soak test with the Droid 4. They did not specify whether it was Jelly Bean or not, but usually when a device is going through a soak test, it is an OS update. Then finally Verizon gave the news that the Droid 4 was indeed going to be geting Jelly Bean Android 4.1. The OTA update was actually suppose to be rolling out starting tomorrow. Well looks like our friend the WinDroidGuy got his hand on the file, and you can now get it on your physical keyboard monster.

Now first things first. You must be fully stock on ICS build number 6.16.217. After downloading the file provided below to your SD card, you will need to boot into Recovery. Booting into recovery is simple. Just turn the phone off and hold down both volume down and volume up buttons plus the power button. Once in the menu, select Recovery. Once an exclamation point appears, hold down the volume up and down buttons. Now that you are in recovery, you must now hit apply update from external storage. Select the update, and BAM, you now have Jelly Bean on your Droid 4. Also for those you that are rooted and want to stay rooted, download Voodoo to make sure you keep that root.

Not too difficult, and hopefully you get it updated without a hitch. Let us know if you have any problems, and of course, let us know how much you love it.

Droid 4 Jelly Bean Update

  • howard fall

    My Verzion droid RAZR up graded to 4.1.2 one week ago. There are some issues with it.

    • FILA

      what problems are you having, my dad is running the same thing on his Razr and I didnt notice anything wrong yet. Other then his data being off after update. weird, but with a click of a checkbox it was back on.

  • Chris

    The update doesn’t seem like a big deal to me. My only gripe is that while on the internet, my shift key only works if I hold it down while I’m typing the letter that I want to capitalize, or if I want to hit an alternative button, such as the @ sign, which is particularly frustrating and annoying.

  • logan

    I will second the shift key annoyance. Typing ! marks are now extremely difficult!!!

  • logan

    I will second the shift key annoyance. Typing ! marks are now extremely difficult!If anyone finds a work around for the physical keyboard please post it.

  • Ben

    Try rebooting your phone. Was having this problem, powered down and back on again, and my Shift key works as expected (for now).

  • SpaceCowboy

    Yes I also have noticed that the shift key as well as my Caps key will not work while on the web as well as when I am texting sometimes. Also there are a few other features that have been tampered with for the worse. Due to this I have decided to root my device and say forget original OS and see what the wonderful world of root has in store.

  • Cathie

    I have the same issue with the keypad…went to VZW…they did the soft boot thing and it seemed fine…til I got home. Everyday there’s an issue and I have to restart it…very dissatisfied. They claim they are aware but’s no fix?! I have a Droid 4. Hubby has the Razr…no trouble at all……

  • Grace

    I’m trying to install the update but keep getting an error in /tmp/sideload/package.zip. I don’t recall the entire string, but I believe it was related to the music apk.

    Any ideas?

  • Rob

    I’m using a VZW Droid 4.
    Alas, my phone after the 4.1.2 upgrade (from VZW) isn’t happy at all.
    It reboots regularly, sometimes in the middle of a call (unacceptable).
    The battery life is horrible- MotoBlur seems to be the culprit, and no way to kill it.
    I experience the 2/@ issue also- sometimes you get a 2, sometimes an @.
    Bluetooth connections sometimes blare loud static into my headset; it didn’t do this before.
    I have a refurbished replacement waiting for me when I get home, but after reading
    http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/android-jelly-bean-problems/, I’m not expecting it to be any better. Maybe there’s a 4.2.2 update coming sometime?