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Google Now is pretty amazing.  Before its debut with Jelly Bean last year, lots of people out there were looking to developers to find themselves a SIRI clone. Google decided to step in and not make a SIRI clone. Instead, they made something beyond SIRI. A personal assistant that does way more than just answer questions. Well now someone has devised a list of commands you can ask your Google Now. I know when it first debuted, someone released a video with certain commands you can say, but now you have a list to try for yourself.

1.Remind me to walk the dog in 2 hours

2.Call the Drake Hotel in Toronto

3. Send a Text to (insert name) “are you busy?”

4. Listen to “insert artist name”Should pull from collection

5. Turn off WiFi

6. Turn on Silent Mode

7.Is it going to rain tomorrow?

8. Pizza Places in ::insert city::

9. Take me to (location) by foot

10. Where’s that museum with Egyptian stuff in San Jose?

11. Where is Wooster Mass?

12. Where is Wooster College?

13. When is the next (insert team) game?

14. Did the (insert team) win their last game?

15. What time is it in Paris?

16. When is sun rise in Tokyo?

17. What time zone is Amsterdam in?

18. When was Canada day?

19. When is Mother’s day in 2015?

20. What is 1 US dollar in Euro?

21. What’s 12 in hexadecimal?

22. 15.5% of 70.20

23. What’s 50 miles in kilometers?

24. What’s once in a blue moon?

25. What’s the answer to life, the universe and everything?

26. US Airways 400

27. AirCanada760

28. G O O G (spell it out)

29. Facebook Stock

30. What’s the cast of the Big Bang Theory?

31. Who produced Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?

32. Who founded Napster?

33. Where did Natalie Portman go to college?

34. What’s the definition of dynamic programming?

35. How much is Angelina Jolie worth?

36. Who wrote The Grand Design?

37. What is Area Code 212?

38. What are some movies Bill Murray played in?

39. Fish species in Lake Tahoe

40. How long is the George Washington Bridge?

41. How long is the movie Ted?

42. How old is Mark Zuckerburg?

43. What is the height requirement for Space Mountain?

44. Pictures of the Eiffel Tower at sunset

45. Show me pictures of Android eating Apple

46. Do a barrel roll

47. Where’s the tallest building in the world?

48. Where is The Starry Night?

49. How did Elvis Presley die?

50. How much is a bakers dozen?

51. What is the loneliest number?

52. What’s the temperature of the Sun?

53. How old is the Earth?

54. What’s the theme on Splash Mountain?

55. What’s the slogan at Apple?

56. How tall is Taylor Swift?

57. When was the Statue of Liberty built?

58. When was the first episode of The Simpsons?

59. What are the dimensions of the Mona Lisa?

60. Who are the mascots of the San Francisco Giants?

61. Who is Donald Trump married to?

62. What’s the rating for The Amazing Spider-Man

63. What’s the capacity of Wembley Stadium?

64. What’s the acceptance rate at UCLA?

65. Note to self, buy some apples so I can make a really nice pie.

66. Where is the Pier Cafe in San Diego? >Click See Inside > Menu > Compass mode

So give them a try, and see what that beloved app has to say. Let us know which one you would use the most.

Source: Android Headlines

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Been an Android nerd since the G1 days. I believe I hacked and flashed that phone into dust. Currently sport a Nexus 5 sized bulge in my pocket, which I am absolutely loving. I also host and produce The ManDroid Show every week and love talking Android to whoever wants to talk about it. So let's talk!

  • Pinoy Android

    I loved the Android eating apple…:D

  • Parker

    11. LOL, trying to trick Google? There is no such place as Wooster, MA or a Wooster College.

    • Tyler

      Worcester, MA …it’s pronounced “Wooster”

    • indio7777

      Yes there is…in Ohio.

  • Head Doc

    67. “Note to self” will email your note to your gmail address or will sync to Evernote.

  • Mark McKnight

    Indeed Google Now is really amazing.

  • Mark

    turn off wifi and turn on silent not supported on my Nexus 7 !

  • Ed

    I learned a lot! I practiced all of the commands and then some! Google beats Siri…Doesn’t it?

  • alex

    anyone knows why the commands for WiFi and sound does not work for Nexus 4? or am I not doing something right?

    • Parker

      Doesn’t work for Samsung Galaxy SIII either. Just says “unsupported”.

    • Parker

      Doesn’t work with SGSIII either.

  • Russ

    The most impressive: “when is my next flight” will pull up info on all of your upcoming flights.

  • indio7777

    Best one to date: remind me to buy milk at walmart. And when you’re in a walmart,or wherevee you are an alert will pop up.