Steve Kondik

CyanogenMod father, Steve Kondik, has decided to walk away from the nice little job he got from Samsung over 18 months ago. Do not think anyone saw this coming. You create the best known ROM software for Android, and you get asked to join the team of one of the biggest companies on the mobile platform. Maybe he does not like plastic? I joke of course.

While announcing that he was leaving Samsung, Kondik mentioned that the S4 feels a bit more solid than the S3, and that it blows the competition away when it comes to specs. Even though he praises the phone in that aspect, he still feels that some of the software features are just not so great. He likes the hovering gesture features, but when it comes to Smart Scroll, he was quoted on saying, “Mostly serves to anger me into disabling it.” Thank you Steve. I have been saying that from the get go on how Smart Scroll was just one of those features that a lot of people just would not use. He also mentions that Samsung’s new TouchWiz, “Feels like it has been sent a few years back in time to the Froyo days.” That is pretty interesting, but do not think he left because if his vexation with the new device. He mentioned on his G+ page that it was not because of something particular, he is just ready for something new. Sad to hear the news, but we wish the guy well. Let us know what you guys think.

Source: Android Central

  • Bryan W

    “it blows the competition”…… Phrasing…

  • Bryan W

    It What the competition? …… Phrasing…

  • chris

    It ain’t like cm10 is all that either.