Sega of America Sonic the Hedghog
Sega ran a sale on various Sonic games for iOS and Android over the weekend. It was a global sale and was only supposed to run from Friday March 22nd to Sunday March 24th. We are looking at the Play Store right now and stills see them listed for just a buck. We aren’t sure how long Sega will keep these prices listed before they are gone, so you best pop in quick and see if you can snag them before they go back up.

Here is what we are seeing on sale.

Sonic 4 Episode II – Sale $0.99 regularly $4.99

Sonic 4 Episode II THD - Sale $0.99 regularly $4.99

Sonic CD - Sale $0.99 regularly $4.99

Sonic Jump - Sale $0.99 regularly $1.99

Again, not sure how long this will last before Sega pulls them back up. If we see the prices change we will jump in here and let you know that you missed it.



  • FILA

    They dont have Sonic Racing for android. I have it for the 3DS however. Not a bad game. Frame rate could be better.