Moto X Phone render leak

Anyone else getting pretty sick of the Moto X Phone rumors yet? It has been a funny ride so far with this “phone”, and it only gets more funny, and more ridiculous. There have been leaked renders and leaked specs, both which have been debunked. I find it funny how the rumor that the Moto X is not going be just one phone, but a branding of a whole new phone line coming from Motorola, yet people seem to be fixated on the idea that it will still just be one great “God-like” phone.

Today a pretty little render leak made its way over to the boys over at GSMArena. Yeah it looks pretty, but there is no way this is it. With a phone that should be running Android 5.0, I think we can all tell that is Jelly Bean running on that screen. New rounds of specs include, 4.7-inch display at 1280 x 720, Snapdragon 800 processor and a 4000 mAh battery to power this mega-phone. The phone has also been said to be sporting Gorilla Glass 3 and IP57 certification. IP57 just means you can take a bath with it if you were so inclined.

Hey, these leaked renders and rumors excite our days here in the tech world. Crafty Photoshop people just know how to get us all riled up. Let us know what you think.

Source: Android Community
Via: GSMArena

  • Mike Goff

    The most obvious reason this is a fake is the fact that it is using the OMC (One More Clock) widget with the chrome rings theme/skin. This is the same setup I use on my current phone. The artist should have been a bit more original if he wants to have people actually believe this is the Moto X.

    • FILA

      I thought thats Moto’s widget. Along with Moto’s Soft on screen buttons. Looks ugly. and 720p screen in 2013? I dont think so.

  • Tony Cerda

    I wish there was a law that would ban “Rumor” articles.

    Or there should be a law that requires anyone who writes a “rumor” article to be titled “My wish list” or just plain “What I made up & what I’d like this phone to be like when it comes out” – It’s just annoying.

    By the way. If this is what this phone is going to look like, I’m ending my contract early and getting this phone!