Check Out the New T-Mobile ‘Unleash’ Commercial and Behind the Scenes


T-Mobile Commercial

Anyone that is not on T-Mobile might want to start considering a change. T-Mobile started their UNcarrier strategy today, and they will be stepping away from the normal ways a wireless company behaves. This will hopefully go well for us T-Mobile customers, so we do not feel trapped to our wireless choices. To market that idea, T-Mobile decided to make an Old West commercial showing a cowboy breaking away from the rest of the group, simply because he is sick of doing the same old thing. There is also a Jason Jones video where he goes around asking people about their wireless choices, and “exposing” the companies for who they are. Jason Jones is from the Daily Show, so the video is pretty entertaining. Check out each video below and let us know what you guys think.



Behind the scenes


Jason Jones video


Source: TmoNews

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