Android Humble Mobile Bundle
Most of our followers should know what the Humble Bundles are all about. It is a great place to pick up a bunch of games at a fraction of the cost all while helping the devs and charities. It is a pretty slick idea that pulls in a great following and a great amount of profits for both. For the first time ever though, they have launched an Android specific Humble Mobile Bundle.

Unlike the usual Humble Bundles, this is the first ever bundle strictly for Android users. No cross platforming with this one. So don’t getting your panties all in a bunch if you are looking for he big bundles that work on Windows, Mac and Linux. This is not the bundle you are looking for. However, if you want to jump in on 6 great Android version only games for a great price, this is a good chance.

As always, you can spend a little to get a little. The primary 4 games you can pick up for under the current average are;

  • The popular tower defense game Plants vs. Zombies by PopCap Games

  • The top-down strategy game Anomaly Korea by 11 bit studios

  • The artistic physics puzzler Contre Jour by Chillingo

  • The third person action brawler Bladeslinger by Kerosene Games

To snag up The Room by Fireproof Games and Metal Slug 3, then you just have to spend more than the average. Which at the time of this posting is only at $5.45. That will surely go up over time. Don’t forget, you also get the sound tracks for each game in FLAC and MP3 format.

Ready to pickup the bundle? Direct yourself over to and get your donation in.