Samsung Galaxy S 4 Ringtones to download

Well, looks like today is shaping up quite nicely. A little earlier we found the new wallpapers and the new S-Voice app that will be on the Samsung Galaxy S 4, now we see the ringtones have made their way out. The guys over at SamMobile have managed to get their grubby little hands on the awesome new sounds. While we all wait to pick up an S 4 at some point in late April early May, at least you can get a small taste of today.

The file size is 11.8MBs and comes as a zip file. So make sure you can unzip them to get them transferred to your device. Are you ready for some nature inspired Samsung ringtones? Hit the link below to pick them up now.

Download - Samsung Galaxy S 4 Ringtones 

Via SamMobile