Action Launcher is one of those launchers that has not been forgotten yet. It has been in the mix for a little over three months now, and I have notice a lot more people have decided to start using it. Chris Lacy is the brain behind Action Launcher, and he came up with a simple home replacement, but with some added twists. To go along with the new style app drawer and “app covers”, Lacy has decided to add some flavor to widgets.

In version 1.5, Lacy added what he is calling “Shutters”. Basically when you add a Shutter to your homescreen and press the icon, that app’s widget will then pop up, letting you see your content without opening the app. Pretty awesome stuff if you ask me. Reminds me a bit of Pop-up Widget, which I use all the time. I think one of the other overly priced launchers had something similar too, but Action Launcher has a cheap price tag of only $4 for the pro version. So check out Lacy’s video below to see these Shutters in action. Let us know what you think.

Source: Android Police