When are we going to see the next generation of Android? Many have asked that question, and many have speculated that we will see it at Google I/O. According to these recent rumors, Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie will indeed show us its pretty face come May 15th at Google I/O. That information was pretty much a given, but let’s go over some of the features that it might have.

First, we have the rumor that it will have a Linux 3.8 kernel. Us ROM flashers know how important a well-developed kernel can be when flashing it onto our devices. This will allow quicker multi-tasking, less battery drain, and less RAM usage. Hopefully make that Butter a little more buttery smooth.

Next, we have the rumor that Android 5.0 will only be for quad-core devices. I am not a fan of this rumor, nor do I believe it to be true. Would not make much sense for Android to just leave all those non-quad core devices in Jelly Bean land. If this rumor happens to be true, you can bet that developers out there will take on the challenge of getting 5.0 on any device they get their hands on.

Google Babel and new keyboard features can definitely be features we want to see with 5.0. We have already have gotten pretty excited about the all-in-one Google messaging system, and upgrading the keyboard is just a given. I have no clue how they can improve the keyboard, but I am not smart enough to work at Google. Google Babel will definitely be a hit, so I believe we will see it unveiled, and it will become available to us in May.

There are still arguments on what phone will be showcased with Android 5.0. Some are leaning towards Nexus 5, some are still hoping for a Moto X Phone. Nexus 5 is my vote, then again, I could be wrong. Again, all these rumors and nothing is set in stone. Some of the rumors sound logical, and some just sound too stupid to end up being true. Let us know what you guys think.

Source: The Inquistr

  • interloper

    Personally, I am really hoping for a Moto device. I’ve only owned two, but I like how they feel in my hand. I like how the screen didn’t feel hollow when pressing on it. But, from a more technical perspective, I would like to see Moto release a device with an unlocked bootloader that we can really leverage. The Nexus 7 was a good start, but since it has never made it to CDMA, that leaves a lot of people in the cold.

  • Castiel

    Where is the Rc era? 0.0 back in the t mobile G1 days?

  • joe

    Pie 4 all dual and quad don’t make come down there!

  • FILA

    quad core only is just silly. They wont do that…:-(

  • designdracula

    The Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update is not yet available to all handsets, but that is not Google’s problem – it is the responsibility of the separate manufacturers. So there is nothing that is currently stopping the company from devoting its full attention to the next Android version – Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.