transformer-pad-infinityASUS has begun to roll out Android 4.2 to their tablet line, and the Transformer Pad Infinity is next to get the enhanced candy. This update is only made available in the US, so I am not sure when anybody else will receive this update. Some features you will get include, the new US for ASUS IME, account login for up to 4 accounts, parental lock, and the ability to set ethernet settings as default ON. Sounds absolutely delicious.

Glad to see ASUS keeping their promise to upgrade their tablets. We are just beginning Q2, and hopefully their other tablets, like the Memo Pad, gets its update shortly after this one has reached everyone. Let us know if you gotthe update on your Transformer Pad Infinity.

Source: Ubergizmo

  • davey0728

    Man I gotta say the more I use their products the MORE I’m really starting to LOVE Asus. just a few years ago you couldn’t have paid me to use anything Asus…..I actually saw them as more of an “off-brand” in comparison to Samsung, HTC or HP but once I laid my hands on my 1st Zenbook everything changed and I’ll love and trust Asus for all my tech needs. Weither it’s the Android pumpin Nexus 7 or a much larger purchase like my Zenbook Asus build quality is 2nd to none and they know how to keep prices low. Keep doing what you’re doing Asus and feel free to send me a free 2nd Gen Nexus 7 if ya need any testers…

  • madpuppy

    no Transformer Prime love??