Every day that passes is one day closer to the launch of the HTC One.  For many of you out there though, you don’t want to wait for it to hit the store shelves before you get your order in. That can be smart as we have seen some devices in the past get limited launch supplies where the pre-order people got their device on time. The pre-order price for the AT&T HTC One 32 GB version is set at $199 with a new contract and the 64GB will set you back $299.

Of course those prices are pulled as new customers. I assume it would be the same for an existing customer who is qualified for an upgrade though. I only see the HTC One showing up in Glacier Silver though, no black. On the bright side of things, if you get a pre-order in it will ship on April 16th. If you get an order in for the HTC One by April 18th, you will also get a free HTC Media Link HD Wireless HDMI Adapter. Seems a bit more useful than T-Mobiles car kit freebie.

For those aiming for Sprint, you will have the opportunity to get your pre-order in with them starting tomorrow. We will dig it out the first chance we get and get you the details and links. I wonder if they will toss in some sort of accessory as well. What other useful accessory is coming for the One that HTC could add in to sweeten the pot? Anyone already pull the trigger today?

Via AndroidHeadlines

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