htc-firstWhile watching the Facebook Home live event, I thought it was just going to be software you could download onto your device. I started thinking that the actual phone we have all been hearing about, was simply just a rumor. I was wrong. Just as they finished explaining all the features of Facebook Home, Zuckerberg invites Peter Chou, CEO of HTC, onto the stage. Mr. Chou then shows us the HTC First.

The HTC First is not, by all means, a super smartphone. It is more of a mid-ranged device, and if you have not seen the specs, you can click here. The First will come out in four different colors, and will be made available April 12th exclusively on AT&T. Yes, no other carriers are looking to be carrying this new phone. You can get an HTC First for the cheap price of $100. I can see they are trying to appeal to those heavy Facebook users on a budget. It is pretty good marketing strategy, let’s see if it works out for them.

So will you buy yourself an HTC First? Let us know if you plan on getting one.

  • FILA

    told ya…att…no body on this site will get this, lol, we are more hardcore for this

  • Awdahelwidit

    Yeah I don’t really see the specs being much of an issue.

    Only the completely programmed FB sheep for which this device was intended will care to look beyond the A… Do Facebook users really need 4 cores, ultrapixel cam, or a 5+ inch HD screen to post their whorish pics & rehash other (more witty) people’s humor? Will 10% of them even know what any of the specs mean?

    This product is an obvious ploy to exploit the ignorant souls who frequent that social network. 2 years of un-lubed a**rape via deathstar for an “F” button 😀

    Yeah I think most around here will pass.