Multitasking is of course, a key feature in the Android OS. Android has done their very best to give us a truly awesome multitasking experience. Sometimes though, some apps come along and help that process.

In comes SwitchApps to bring multitasking to the next level. It is a simple to use app that runs in the background. A SwitchApps icon will float on any screen you are on, whether it would be your homescreen, or within an apps screen. Once you tap that floating icon, you are then taken into your recent apps screen to jump from app to app. I know that does not sound like much, but there is a another way to utilize recent apps.

If you HOLD the icon and swipe to the side, you dive into all your recent apps as if you clicked on them to open them up. This is where the magic is. It is like scrolling through your homescreens, except you are going through every recent app you have open in your recent app drawer. This is that next level stuff I was telling you about. You can also hold the icon and swipe down to open SwitchApps settings. If you hold and swipe up, that acts like a home button.

Then there is an added little feature where you can set some favorite apps or toggles. If you tap the icon twice, a dock will appear at the bottom of your screen where you can add a certain amount of apps or toggles of your choosing. Other features include, icon themes, sizes, and opacity. Pretty customizable, which is always a plus.

I highly suggest trying this app out, especially if you a heavy multitasker. This app is extremely useful, and you will be satisfied by what it can do. There is a free version in the Play Store, so try it out, and let us know what you think.

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  • A.Noid

    I am way more interested in your home3screen, than in SwitchApps. What are you using, it looks like two apps on the screen at once> And if that’s a RSS ticker, what one is it?