The Galaxy S4 will be shortly upon us, and many of you out there want to get to know your future phone before you actually get it. There have been countless run-through videos on the web, but a certain infographic shows some hidden sensors you might have not known it had. Seems Samsung has turned their new phone into a weather command central, by putting in certain sensors that measure different types of weather readings. You got to wonder how this would effect the battery, but I am sure you will have the ability to shut some of these sensors off.

So what do you guys think about all the different sensors they have crammed into the Galaxy S4? Do you think they are even needed? Let us know if you are digging these features in Samsung’s new born baby.

Source: Android Guys

  • joe kimball

    Wtf about our sg3’s this big red dik dog i have for a carrier is sorry tell u o we keep ur devices up to snuff,u no it wasn’t untill i got this smarter than me device and started reading more info about wtf is going on in this world of smart devices i was blind i kinda like my stupid phone no internet or texting but then again stupid me!

    • rbeer

      wut? o.O

  • FILA

    wait! No X-Ray vision, so I can see them girls under their clothes

    • David Pena

      LOL! I know. I’m waiting for that technology