galaxy s4-tmobile

The Galaxy S4 will be hitting shelves next week all across the world, and today we have been getting the dates on when the phone will be hitting certain carriers. T-Mobile was the first to confirm that the Galaxy S4 was going to available on May 1st. Today, we are receiving information that it will be made available for purchase on April 24th, but only online. The phone will land on the store shelves May 1st.

Now, I saw another piece of information that TmoNews tweeted, stating that select T-Mobile stores may have the S4 on the shelves on April 24th. Guess they want to get a leg up on the competition. The pricing will be set at $150 down on a simple plan, with $20 payments over 24 months.

So who’s getting and S4 on T-Mobile? Also let us know if you have heard any other information.

Source: Android Guys