Samsung galaxy S4 for Sprint

Well Sprint/Samsung fans the time has finally arrived. Sprint has officially announced that they will be selling the Samsung Galaxy S4 on April 27th for $249 (16GB Version+taxes excluded). This price as always comes only with a new contract or eligible upgrade but there is something more added for new users.

For a limited time only new users who bring their number from another carrier will receive a $100 credit which can be used to lower the price of the Samsung Galaxy S4 to $149 (16GB+taxes excluded). That is a pretty sweet deal considering this is the new flagship phone for Samsung and they usually don’t drop below $200 on carrier sites.Sprint will also start taking pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S4 on Thursday April 18th (link below).

So if you are waiting to cash in your upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy S4 mark your calendar for April 18th (Pre-orders) and the big release on Saturday April 27th.


Source: Sprint